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Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor Training ( Yamuna Foundations)

Sept 20,21,22 Oct 11,12,13  Nov 22,23,24

( full training over 3 weekends 50 classroom hours)


Your body needs more in order to stay in shape than what the present standards of fitness offers.

Yamuna® Body Rolling will train you to surpass your present training ability by teaching you to:

correctly align each client’s body in order to maximize training

tone, align, elongate and train muscles specifically

increase client‘s range of motion at any age

prevent break down

teach your clients how to align and work to keep their own anatomy working correctly at any age

This training will enhance all other fitness & wellness modalities including but not limited to Massage, Pilates, Yoga, dance and fitness instructors. It will make YOU better at your work and YOUR clients will look and feel better quickly.

Yamuna® Body Rolling Instructor Training

( Yamuna Foundations)

This is the starting point for studying all of the Yamuna® modalities. This revamped training is a 50 hour course combining a strong experiential approach to learning your anatomy. A dynamic training that covers the anatomy, YBR exercises and teaching skills. Learn anatomy the organic way. Nothing compares to learning anatomy by direct, sensory awareness. With our program you will find, feel, and experience the connections among all the muscles with the YBR balls. Experience the power of YBR to maintain a pain-free and unrestricted body for yourself and be able to share this with others. You will gain a deeper understanding of your anatomy, and how to effectively problem-solve and feel better in your own body. This powerful experiential awareness of your own anatomy will make you the best possible practitioner.

What is covered in the Training?

Discover your muscles and learn concepts to build a healthy body. Discern how to find and feel the individual muscles covered. Learn YBR routines for private and group instruction. Delve into Case Study discussions and modifications crucial for working with injuries and limitations. Find your voice and skill as a teacher.

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Who is this training appropriate for?

Anyone interested in going deeper into their own self-care and exploration. • Wellness professionals who desire to enhance any technique you already offer. • Fitness Trainers • Yoga / Pilates / Gyrotonic Teachers • Dancers • Health Coaches • Athletes • Really anyone! That’s one of the outstanding features about the new Yamuna® Body Rolling Certification, it really is for everyone. No matter your age or shape, YBR can help you move better, function better and live better. YBR blends with any other approach you are already using to take care of yourself or others.

Take a deep dive into learning the anatomy of the shoulders and arms. We will spend 3 days focusing only on these areas. Growing better acquainted with our anatomy and experiencing  release and alignment in these important and over worked areas! We will roll each muscle in detail and feel the work in our own bodies as we gain a greater understanding of the anatomy and how it effects the rest of our body.

Professional Anatomy U Training Program

Anatomy U makes your body your self study. You learn to feel how your muscles communicate with you and give you valuable information to be able to problem solve while feeling the interconnectedness of muscles in an area and actually far from the muscle being worked. As your body is feeling the sensation of the muscle you are working, your mind is processing the information being received. This allows you to develop your problem solving skills in your own body and then be able to translate this if you work with other people professionally. Adding this anatomy training to your practice will bring you a great tool when working with your client and patients helping them to problem solve with a visual and practical format. This anatomy program helps you to teach them how to be proactive and be part of their own problem solving journey. You will be raising the quality of your practice. People want to see, and understand and be proactive when there is a problem in their bodies. Being able to show a person the muscles in a body part and  how to work each one enabling the person to be part of his problem solving is huge.

 What the Anatomy Lab will provide you:

You will learn how to work each muscle in every module from origin to insertion and really learn how these muscles feel and function through experience not book or dissection classes.

You will learn how to begin the problem solving journey making the determination of how to choose the next muscle to work based on : knowledge of the injury, if any, range of motion restriction, where and how within the joint, present workout, assessing form, function, and restriction within the exercises where restriction is felt.

You will learn how to demonstrate and explain to clients which muscles to begin working on and have the ability to send them the specific muscles to be worked.

You will learn how to use Anatomy Lab as part of your personal training sessions with clients to start a session and demonstrate improved function when muscles are identified and awakened prior to training.

You will learn how to teach a group fitness class using the Anatomy U modules to educate more people at once. It is easy to offer these classes as self help offerings.

You will be provided with a written manual for each segment of the training to use as your anatomy guide to problem solving for yourself and your clients.


• Each Anatomy Lab is taught in 3 days. Each module is 18 hours of study

• Each muscle is explored within the app, each person has time to explore how to use the program to view the muscle from every angle to best help understand the function and location of a muscle.

The hands-on practice of using a module will be done in group studies to make sure every student can easily work the Anatomy U program

Each participant will learn how to experientially work each muscle within the module and record the messages they receive from each muscle as it is worked.

• Problem solving for each muscle is studied.

• Understanding of  the fitness choices of  each client/patient and how to determine which order of muscles to work based on the activities most practiced by the client.

Learn how to use the Anatomy U program during rehab to more rapidly assist rehabilitation

Q&A sessions during the study of each muscle.


Shoulder and upper arm muscles

Hand & Wrist

Exploration of the Posterior and Anterior  muscles - from pelvis to feet

The Back

The Abdomen and Chest

To register Email Tiffany

Seattle Location

Bodycenter Studios

4250 8th Ave NW  Seattle, WA 98107

Please note Prior Yamuna® Body Rolling experience is helpful. To find a certified YBR® Instructor near you visit www.yamunausa.com  or email Tiffany for help.

Receive continuing education credits with the following organizations:

CMTBC, NCBTMB, NATA, BOC, ACSM, AFAA, AMTA, FL Dept Health, PMA & Yoga Alliance 

You can obtain .2 CEC wth STOTT Pilates by submitting to STOTT.

Location:   Bodycenter Studios

4250 8th Ave NW  Seattle, WA 98107

•Please note all trainings are subject to minimum enrollment. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel where minimum enrollment is not confirmed


A ball is just a ball with out the right education

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